Do you believe in destiny? Destiny as in the universe has everything planned out for you. That everything is predetermined and predestined right from our birth. There are times when coincidences are so powerful that they don’t really seem coincidences anymore. Times when you come across events that seem too strange or too strong to be mere coincidence. One cannot brush them off as accidents.

Maybe nothing in this world happens by accident. Everything happens for a reason, as destiny slowly takes form. Just imagine, what if the universe has a grand design for all of us. A design that incorporates everything from the career we take, friends we make, to the partner we choose. Did you ever consider the possibility that maybe people are predestined to be together? Is it just coincidence that leads us to meet different people or is it destiny in play that guides us to the people we are supposed to meet. Like our life is a series of random accidents or coincidences that are leading us to a predestined path.

In eastern culture, people hold the idea of destiny and fate in high regard and still follow the customs that were passed down by their ancestors. Having a culture rooted in spirituality and religion, eastern countries like Japan and China have many myths, legends, and folklore that are full of spiritual and ethereal ideas. They have one such belief that you might find interesting, the legend of the red thread of fate.

Remember that feeling you have when you meet someone for the first time, that special connection you feel. Like the universe conspired in helping you find that one person. These are the rare moments that make you believe in destiny, right?. The red thread of fate is a belief that is popular in Japan and in China, and it is similar to the idea of the soulmate or twin flame we have. The legend has it that there exists an intangible string of fate that binds the two souls that are destined to be together. It says that “an invisible red string connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place, or circumstances.

The yarn can stretch or contract but it could never break.” No matter what path we take in our lives we will always be destined to meet a certain someone. According to the Chinese legends, the thread is tied around the ankle of the people who are destined to meet. And in the Japanese version, it switches place, here the red thread is tied to our pinkie. The pinkie is connected to the heart by the ulnar artery, and it extends to the person who you are destined to meet.

Every legend has a story to support its Genuity. This legend also has one. The story is based on an emperor who was seeking to find his future bride. And to help him in his search he contacted a powerful witch, who had the ability to see the red thread. He asked the witch to find the other end of the thread and take him to the woman who would become his wife. The witch accepted the emperor’s request and took him to a village, where he was led to a poor peasant woman who was holding a baby in her arms. And she told the young emperor that this is where your thread ends.

Hearing this the emperor became furious believing that he was being mocked by the witch. He pushed the peasant girl as he left and made her fall resulting in the child getting hurt and leaving a wound on its forehead. The emperor ordered the witch to be executed. Many years passed when the time came for the emperor to get married, his court advised him to marry the daughter of a very powerful general. The emperor accepted the proposal and the wedding was fixed. On the day of the wedding, the bride arrived in the temple with a veil covering her face completely. When she raised the veil the emperor saw a scar on her forehead similar to the wound he caused to the baby the witch showed him.

It is not just a chance that our friends are our friends and that relationships didn’t work out very well. That’s just fate’s way of playing with you while taking you to the person you are destined to meet. To believe or not to believe that’s your choice. But sometimes in our lives, we all have been in the place where we feel that there’s something greater at work here. You can call it whatever name you want. But there is something that connects us all. Something that is bigger than me or you. Fate, destiny, call it whatever you want. Do these things really exist or is it something men created to find meaning to this thing called life? Nobody knows for sure. You have to find out for yourself.